In the quiet spaces, where the soul whispers,
A truth resonates, ancient and eternal,
We are already entwined in divinity’s embrace.

Yet the echoes of separation linger,
For many, God remains distant, elusive,
A quest for an approval already bestowed.

Contemplative whispers, soft as dawn’s light,
Guide us inward, unveiling the union’s reality,
Revealing the safety and goodness within God’s embrace.

Jesus’ words echo through time’s corridors,
An invitation to recognize our interconnectedness,
To see our oneness with each other and the divine.

Communion’s ritual, a sacrament of unity,
Each sip, each morsel, an assurance, a reminder,
Until conviction blooms, and communion is felt.

The pursuit of salvation, a journey long done,
Through Christ, with Christ, as Christ, it is complete,
Love’s grace weaving us into the eternal Body of Christ.

Here, on life’s fleeting stage, we whirl and twirl,
Perhaps taking our fleeting selves too seriously,
Forgetting the grandeur of our shared existence.

Yet the vastness of this divine existence persists,
Indestructible, inseparable, it thrives within,
The very essence of God’s undying life.

We are already one, though veiled by illusions,
The quest: to recapture our inherent unity,
To simply be what we’ve always been.