In the depths of shared existence, some rise,
embodying virtues in the fabric of being,
a testament to enduring resolve amid tribulations.

Amid life’s turbulent storms, unwavering stance,
nurturing the core of nonviolence,
even in the fiercest winds, we stand.

Love and forgiveness, an eternal creed,
embracing adversaries with prayers for liberation,
forging compassion’s unending circle.

Teachings echo unity’s symphony,
justice weaves threads across divides,
illumination in fairness, a bond that unites.

Rooted deep in spirit’s soil,
solace blooms amidst societal unrest,
strength in the soil of adversity.

Survivors, speaking beyond mortality’s veil,
voices echo urging life’s pursuits,
a purpose that paints the mundane profound.

Our commitment, an unyielding light,
illuminating pathways to collective freedom,
a mission guiding toward shared harmony.

Within us, a crucible of transformation,
resilience, nonviolence, love, faith,
an embodiment of virtues, shaping a kinder world.