In the heart of every discord, a void unfilled,
Love, scarce and tethered, binds empathy’s embrace.
But within this dearth, a silent remedy rests,
Love, captive, yearning for liberation’s touch.

Divine hands refrain, withholding change’s hand,
It’s us, mere mortals, guardians of divine essence.
A solemn charge bestowed on human shoulders,
Our deeds, the conduit for celestial intervention.

Life’s intricate tapestry calls for a conscious vow,
In the looming shadow of demise, a choice beckons,
To embrace frailty, eschewing the taste of bitterness,
Clasping an unyielding love for existence itself.

Acceptance, the cornerstone of this fragile dance,
Death’s embrace, a paradoxical infusion,
Enriching the mundane, bestowing depth profound,
Life’s essence woven with mortality’s threads.

Yet within, persistent skirmishes wage,
Worries, silent predators, draining vitality’s well.
Our mission forged in these internal battlefields,
To reclaim serenity’s vast dominions, projecting outward.

Thus, as love nurtures, responsibilities embrace,
Life’s intricate symphony acknowledged in reverie,
Inner sanctums, gardens of tranquil repose,
We, the ambassadors, bearing the torch of unity’s dream.