In the embrace of divinity’s kinship,
We shed the weight of inferiority’s shackles,
Elevating our essence beyond race or hue,
Beyond the dictates of gender or age,
Above the measures of wealth or status.

As children of the divine tapestry,
Woven in God’s radiant likeness,
Every hue, every shade proclaims beauty,
Black, White, Red, Yellow—a mosaic of splendor,
No plea required to validate worth.

When we grasp the divine mantle,
Our Creator, both Father and Mother,
We extend kinship’s embrace to all,
Men, women, children, diverse in origin,
Weaving a fabric of universal siblinghood.

Belonging to the sacred fellowship,
We are tasked with a sacred calling,
Not to harbor hate, but to nurture love,
Not to sow destruction, but to foster creation,
Traversing the path of Christ’s compassion.

This truth echoes through timeless teachings,
Resonating in the voices of prophets,
A legacy urging us towards unity,
Guiding us to embrace in reverence,
The divinity dwelling within each soul.