In the quiet whispers of the heart’s chamber,
Jesus nudges, gently nudges,
Away from lofty proclamations,
To seek the truth within our own depths.

We, seekers, leaning on the echoes of sages,
Their interpretations woven into our tapestry,
Have we sought, truly sought,
That truth within the folds of our being?

Binding and loosing,
Earth and heaven entwined,
Responsibility, not just for singular souls,
But a communal embrace of legacy.

Prophetic voices, echoing through love’s corridors,
Choosing transformation as life’s cradle,
Hands and feet, eyes and ears,
We, the singular embodiment of a divine whisper.

Beyond hierarchical supremacy,
A message transcends, a collective calling,
A legacy, not singularly carved,
But a tapestry woven by the collective soul.

Living prophetically, a dance with transformation,
Guided by the Spirit’s unseen hand,
Emissaries entrusted with love’s choreography,
In a world where fear and authority wane.

We are the breath, the pulse, the echo,
In this realm where love reigns supreme,
A mission, not of grandeur but of heartbeats,
A call to shape a world baptized in love’s transformative grace.