In love’s dance, we find our center,
Not in mere spinning but profound embrace,
Like the dervishes around a calm core,
We whirl in the flow of boundless grace.

Our Trinitarian vision altered,
From love’s varied streams to one swirl within,
Imagine it, not as disparate flows,
But a motion, a dance deep in our skin.

Scientific echoes and life’s pulse resound,
Proclaiming truth: we’re of whirling love’s design,
Crafted in its image, in its serene spin,
Amid life’s demands, our task is divine.

Amidst obligations, emotions’ swell,
Amid distractions, anchoring in choice,
To return, to let love guide our way,
Acknowledging the divine within our voice.

Between the three aspects, a fourth emerges,
In this swirling, in this love’s firm embrace,
Our lives echo the dervishes’ dance,
Rooted in stable love, our sacred place.

This swirling love, this divine embrace,
Defines our essence in life’s whirl,
Our truest self found in boundless love,
Eternal, unyielding, our heart’s unfurl.