In the quiet hush of a fleeting moment,
A symphony of awe echoes through the soul,
Not just a gasp, but a knowing, a resonance,
A whisper that carries the divine on its breath.

‘God, that’s beautiful,’ we murmur,
Reserving the sacred word for moments
When beauty and divinity intertwine,
A recognition, an awareness that something profound is at play.

For those who live wide-eyed, hearts agape,
A gateway to the sacred swings open,
Inviting the Holy to dance within their midst,
In infatuation’s embrace, in admiration’s tender hold.

Healthy religion, a tapestry of cosmic hope,
Weaves enchantment into the fabric of existence,
Bestowing upon all things a universal reverence,
Bringing forth confidence in the coherence of it all.

And in this reverence, the extraordinary unfolds,
A divine reflection in the human, the animal,
In the gentle rustle of leaves, the flowing rivers,
A universe now inherently supernatural, beautifully whole.