Contemplation unveils the art of seeing,
a journey into the depths of perception,
where wonder becomes the cornerstone,
the bedrock of our spiritual quest.

Moses, struck by awe’s lightning,
stands on ground made sacred,
where shoes shed and earth pulses divinity,
Being Itself in every grain of soil.

Early contemplation, an excavation,
an unearthing of the unconscious,
of expectations and assumptions,
barriers veiling awe and wonder.

Old self clings, resistant to novelty,
while a new self breathes life,
rendering even the aged, rejuvenated.

Clear waters fill our reservoir,
purging the sediment of patterns,
liberating us to encounter anew.

Our sight, a canvas of perception,
painting joy or resistance,
guided by our inner landscape.

Outer reality a mirror, reflecting
the inner symphony of our being,
a dance of projection and reflection.

Contemplatives, observers in communion,
seeing subject to subject,
a dance of interconnectedness,
where mirroring unveils truth.