In the genesis of contemplation lies
a radical awe, a moment of unveiling,
when the world bares its unity,
interconnected, a tapestry unseen.

Ancients and moderns echo this truth,
a truth beyond apathy, held in
a Sacred Mystery, words falter,
yet its presence is undeniable.

Contemplation, not a gift for the chosen few,
but a gift to all, nestled within grasp,
gazing into reality, an act of love,
birthed from radical awe, enfolding us
in Love’s boundless embrace,
ever astonishing, a cascade within and without.

Our world dons disguises, facades aplenty,
challenges abound in deciphering truth
from counterfeit glamour, illusions that lure,
diminishing our core essence.

Yet through contemplative eyes, love-rooted,
we shatter cultural shackles,
pierce through the superficial,
embracing authenticity, acknowledging
our intertwined oneness.

Contemplation’s call, not elitist,
but a beckon to every soul,
an urgent whisper in today’s winds.
Not confined to sacred spaces,
but a choice, a way to dwell,
awake, alive, attuned to creation’s cries,
wrapped in the fabric of love’s existence.