In reverence’s return, wisdom revives,
Worlds unfurl as veils in a divine play,
Wonder, the pulse of spirituality, theology’s core.

Awe, an ethereal sense,
Unveils hints of the divine,
We stand humbled, awestruck,
Before the enigmatic world’s mystery,
Bathed in wonder’s glow,
Enraptured by Being’s dance.

In awe’s embrace, wisdom births,
Infinite meanings within finite frames,
An intuition for the noble essence,
The profound depth of all things,
An inkling of the eternal in the mundane.

Faith, not a mere belief’s nod,
Rather, a tether to transcendence,
A tie to the enigmatic unknown,
Born of awe’s profound root,
Guiding toward worthiness,
A journey shaped by reverence,
A dance of wisdom and awe,
In this cosmic interplay,
Where the simple whispers eternity’s hush.