In the quiet gaze of awe,
not just a lens but the very path,
a sacred passage to true sight,
a muscle of spirit, demanding exercise.

Wonder, the art of beholding beauty,
expanding the borders of love,
within, for the neighbor, and the unknown.
It holds space for awe in humanity’s essence.

To seek the holy in the mundane,
to find divinity in the liminal,
where eyes may unwittingly dismiss,
yet spirituality resides, unspoken.

Within these moments, dignity burgeons,
each heartbeat, each breath, a marvel,
organs and bones in miraculous choreography,
healing, scarring, reminding us of resilience.

To marvel at the tapestry of our bodies,
the intricate dance of regeneration,
fragility entwined with steadfastness,
a testament to life’s intricate design.

To regard the neighbor’s face with awe,
matching reverence for the mountaintop,
light refracted, beauty undiminished,
preserving our shared humanity.

Wonder, a call to profound self-awareness,
to feel oneself intricately connected,
to every atom, every life-formed thing,
emerges in awe, in sacred connection.

For in that sacred awe, we become,
part and parcel of the universal tale,
threads interwoven in life’s grand story,
moments of wonder, binding us all.