In the dance of time and space,
awe unfolds its silent wings,
embracing the very essence
of existence, of creation’s breath.

Fourteen billion heartbeats later,
we are the players, the dancers,
in this celestial symphony,
unveiling mysteries, evolving, expanding.

A Genesis whispered, an invitation
from the Creative Spirit:
“Let it be!”
And in reply, a chorus of existence:
Light. Time. Space. Matter.

Each word, a note in this cosmic poem,
a revelation of truths untold,
unveiling the universe,
a canvas of sacredness, of meaning.

Genesis speaks of the grand finale,
a crescendo of “very goodness,”
where existence’s purpose echoes:
to revel in creation’s beauty and life.

To be alive is to lift eyes skyward,
to taste the infinity in starry depths,
to stand atop mountains, feeling wonder,
expressed only in breathless whispers.

To witness the horizon’s embrace,
sunrise or sunset, pregnant with joy,
to gaze upon nature’s whispers,
each leaf, bird, friend—revelations of unity.

Life’s pulse beats in sync
with the cosmic ballet,
where awe and wonder
are our guides, our hymns.