Amid life’s labyrinth, gratitude veiled,
We wander, knowing but wrestling,
In this maze where beauty hides,
Serendipity emerges, fleeting splendor,
Piercing despair’s shroud.

Our phones become vessels,
Capturing morning’s train track hues,
Evening trees’ golden gleam,
Grace unanticipated amidst life’s whirl.

Pausing becomes sacred,
To see, to savor, amidst chaos,
Ancient teachings echo,
Hundred daily blessings urged,
Not drifters, but perceivers,
Photography’s embrace,
A pathway to world’s true beauty.

Snapshots – visual prayers,
Guiding back to gratitude,
Reconnecting with the Divine,
Evolve into spiritual anchors,
Amidst life’s complex dance.

Whispers echo within them,
Amidst chaos, joy and wonder linger,
For those who pause, who witness,
Amidst storms, beauty persists.

Wordless reminders:
Beauty thrives for those who look.