In the vast design of existence,
God’s plan unfolds—
an invitation divine, drawing creation
into Love’s intimate embrace,
a celebration woven into every fiber.

The metaphor of a wedding echoes,
God’s guiding hand at work,
preparing, beckoning us closer,
toward belonging, union, deeper connection.

The Eastern Fathers named it divinization,
the essence of incarnation, salvation’s core,
a call to unity, a prayer etched into faith’s fabric.

Jesus, courage incarnate,
guides us to trust, to embrace
our inherent union with the Divine—
a reality within, not just a distant dream.

‘En Christo,’ a phrase resonates,
revealing shared embodiment,
a unified consciousness,
the true essence of Christ’s return.

In this cosmic symphony, when God prevails,
Apokatastasis—the promise,
universal restoration, Christ’s message,
the alpha and omega, divine victory assured.

Biblical revelation unveils its aim,
complete, mutual indwelling,
whispers within, “He is with you, within.”

Amidst scriptures, a grand banquet awaits,
the celestial culmination,
a momentous feast—a wedding joyous and grand.