In the beginning, a canvas of hope unfurls,
God, a fountain brimming with boundless love,
In this essence, no room for vengeful design,
A truth gleaned from deep contemplation’s embrace.

Courage burgeons from this foreknown truth,
Fear’s shadows fade in love’s eternal glow,
Prophecy heralds truths for unity’s sake,
A divine vision weaving wholeness as one.

Tikkun olam, a term for our kinship’s task,
Fixing the world, a call echoed in hearts,
Apokatastasis, the early church’s creed,
Restoring all in the embrace of love’s creed.

Contemplation summons, bids active love’s call,
Healing found in the healers of souls,
Wounds, transformed to fonts of spiritual grace,
Guiding each to their unique worldly charge.

Kintsugi, an art mirroring life’s repairs,
Brokenness unmasked, beauty’s unveiled face,
Together we toil, in tandem, in kind,
Mending the world with love, profound and aligned.

Growth, change, and opportunity’s endless song,
In this perpetual dance, life’s rhythms throng.