Within each being, a glimpse of the divine resides,
Image woven into our being’s core,
A symphony of sacred essence, unseen.

We are born molded in God’s reflection,
Reflecting an ethereal design,
Yet our journey whispers of more.

Likeness, a canvas for personal hue,
Two souls forged in divine mold,
Yet only one chooses vibrant shades,
Painting kindness, forgiveness, and grace,
A portrait of virtues, slowly brushed.

From image to likeness, an unfolding tale,
A continuous dance of growth,
A narrative penned in love’s endless ink.

Within creation, echoes resonate,
A mosaic of the divine’s impression,
In every glance, every fragment, we see.

Humanity, an expansive gallery,
A multitude of divine images,
In diversity, unity whispers softly,
A paradox of one amidst the many.

Come, gather in this open space,
Embrace the unfamiliar as kin,
For within each unknown face,
Lies the sacred, the holy within.

But heed the cost of blindness,
To miss the divine spark,
In selective sight, divisive lines,
We draw, forgetting our shared origin.

May we, with open eyes, discern,
The sanctity in every breath,
In this portrayal of existence,
Each particle, a sacred imprint of divinity.