In the quest for the Holy Self,
Boundless, formless, unified,
It poured into vessels, longing to know.

Yet, the Radiance within these limits,
Too immense, shattered the containers,
Scattering shards, birthing the cosmos’ dance.

From density sprung expansion,
A spectrum of material realms,
Form rising from the formless, light ensnared.

The Holy beckons our participation,
A call to unfold creation’s goodness,
To excavate light from dense existence.

We’re the menders of this fractured world,
Tikkun olam, the soul’s restoration,
A practice of intimacy, nurturing Divine connection.

Welcoming strangers, nurturing the Earth,
With humility, curiosity, and love’s grace,
Mending the vessel, repairing the broken.

Each act, a kindness, a chesed,
Every gesture, a tzedakah offering,
An embrace of discomfort, a gift of self.