Life’s intricate dance,
where joy and pain waltz,
beauty twirls with suffering,
sparks profound musings
about the fabric of existence.

Does the Creator yearn,
for a love pure and unscathed,
an embrace tender and kind,
dignifying all creation?

Inquiries echo the divine’s heartbeat,
urging reflection on our part,
to embody a boundless love,
stretching beyond borders.

This life, a labyrinth of complexities,
houses treasures within—
inherent worth and goodness,
where hope thrives, not distant,
but pulsating in our now.

The divine’s realm,
not a far-off mirage,
but intricately laced,
within our daily breaths,
birthing healing amid life’s trials,
here and present.

Life’s vitality, the essence divine,
a beacon through history’s annals,
guiding amidst creation’s vast canvas,
morphing fear into faith,
salvation, and hope’s bloom.

No passive acceptance of injustice,
no yearning for distant utopia,
instead, embracing an eternal love,
unblemished in the present.

Trust in the universe’s innate kindness,
beckons deeper connections,
welcoming vulnerability’s embrace,
a spiritual odyssey questioning,
“Is kindness woven into this cosmos?”

In letting go, in surrender,
that inherent goodness sustains,
whether termed God or not,
its essence nestled in trust,
revealing the harmony at life’s core.