In the beginning, a radiant pulse,
Divine allure beckoning, guiding,
A force unseen yet felt within,
Yearning, growing, changing.

Implanted essence, a generative dance,
Life’s tapestry woven from within,
Programmed whispers of transformation,
Absorbing light, sustenance, and flow.

A universe unfolds, expands,
Galaxies race towards unknown horizons,
Mysteries tucked in the folds of time,
Goals hidden in cosmic expanse.

Guiding threads of positivity,
From inception’s embrace,
Weaving souls in unfolding tales,
An inclusive journey, love’s compass.

At the edges of time stand echoes,
Alpha and Omega, in cosmic embrace,
Symbolic guardians of eternal love,
Witnesses to creation’s groaning birth.

Universal salvation, a tapestry of connection,
Belonging and binding all,
Heaven’s essence in unity found,
Creation’s constant renewal, in perpetual motion.

God’s hand, cradling creation,
Nurturing the good, birthing the new,
Ever urging towards an unseen horizon,
A promise of betterment, forever beckoning.