In a world burdened by towering woes,
Where the weight of strife seems unyielding,
There lies a truth, an ancient whisper:
Tikkun Olam begins within.

Service, a profound melody of the soul,
Not mere action but a pilgrimage inward,
Each gesture, grand or lost in the hum,
A testament to our soul’s undying fortitude.

Amid life’s clamor, a symphony of chaos,
It guides us back, a flicker in the dark,
Beckoning us to the essence we possess,
Against forces that seek to shroud our truth.

Nurturing this inherent spark,
A path strewn with thorns of distraction,
Yet every stride, a flame in the shadows,
An illumination in the tapestry of existence.

Beyond creed and doctrine, it traverses,
A universal blessing woven in kindred hearts,
Every act, a stitch in the fabric of liberation,
A canvas painted with hues of selflessness.

Remember, your service, a ripple unfurling,
In an ocean teeming with transformation,
Echoes of a soul’s calling, resonating deep,
A pledge to unveil the light within, illuminating the world.