In the eternal dance of spirit and form,
Christmas births beyond Bethlehem’s night,
Beyond the cradle’s tender sight,
A sacred arrival, perennial and divine.

Not confined to history’s fold,
It echoes in every human soul,
The Cosmic Christ within, aglow,
A celebration of spirit in flesh’s hold.

Francis knew this truth, calling us
To revel in our humanity’s embrace,
For love springs not from Easter’s grace,
But from the flesh, the heart’s vast space.

Advent whispers in each moment’s breath,
Not just a calendar’s patient tread,
But an anticipation, a perennial spread,
Of the divine in us, in all that’s fed.

Incarnation’s essence isn’t finite,
Not in a distant past confined,
But in every dawn and twilight,
Spirit and matter forever intertwined.

The unveiling, the eternal play,
Where spirit within matter gleams,
A constant birth, a timeless dream,
A reminder of divinity’s seamless seams.

In every atom’s dance, a sacred art,
A revelation, a perpetual start,
Moments birthed, where spirit departs,
Through matter, love’s eternal chart.