In Mary’s yes, an ancient echo lingers,
Unconditional, resounding through time’s fabric,
She, the vessel, the conduit, the embodiment,
A soul receptive to the divine’s whispered call.

Her faith, a beacon, not bound by prerequisites,
Not tethered to accolades or earthly laurels,
An echo of boundless hope, revealing our essence,
A life unfurling, beyond the grasp of mastery.

The Christ, not a tale confined to history’s grip,
But a ceaseless dance, spirit and matter entwined,
In every breath, in each shared heartbeat,
Divinity, unshackled, blooms in the mundane.

We, too, bear the seed of this eternal dance,
To birth the Christ within, embracing the union,
To witness divinity in the everyday,
Letting spirit infuse every fiber of existence.

The Forever Coming of Christ, not a distant fantasy,
But a tender reality, woven within our moments,
In openness, in unity, the divine’s eternal waltz,
The incarnate where spirit and matter intertwine, endlessly.