In the depth of the soul’s canvas,
a narrative weaves—
God becomes matter,
an unseen embroidery
etched in the fibers of existence.

Christianity, the radical echo,
treats matter as divinity’s abode,
not confined to temples,
but whispered in every leaf’s flutter,
in the pulse of every star.

Christ, beyond Jesus, an incarnation,
love in human form,
a melody of divine love,
unfolding in creation’s fabric.

We, not gods but vessels,
birthed from the cradle of God’s love,
each bearing a singular hue
of the cosmic palette.

Christ, the embodiment of reality’s fabric,
love’s union in boundless embrace,
beckons all, beyond creed’s confines,
to feel the divine communion
in every created fragment.

To grasp this mystery
is to voyage inward,
where love’s essence
paints the ‘thisness’ of our being,
each life a testament, a chapter of divine love.

The journey beckons surrender,
a plunge into shadows,
trusting in love’s gentle touch,
to mend the fractures within.

Surrendering all,
for a rebirth in love’s sanctuary,
reveals the God within,
illuminates the shared oneness
threading through us all.

We, already united,
in the vast dance of existence,
as whispers in the symphony of One.