In the hum, a symphony echoes,
Divinity entwined in the mundane,
Not lost, but shimmering subtly,
Christ, the love made flesh, seeks home.

His whispers amid our chatter,
Gaze through myriad eyes, varied lives,
Hands tender, solace in the ordinary,
Amongst soldiers, wanderers, longing finds.

Grace, not in blinding lights,
But in whispers of compassion,
Woven silently in life’s fabric,
The shepherds’ haste, the wise’ journey.

Power rests within, every touch,
A canvas for divinity’s brush,
No duty, but a cherished privilege,
To serve, to care, to love unbounded.

Not too late, but timely aligned,
An invitation grand and cosmic,
To see, to serve in every soul,
Moments tender, love interwoven.