Scripture unfolds, a roadmap through revelations,
Unfurling vistas beyond our limited sight,
God’s reign beckoning, challenging misconceptions,
A realm where falsehoods crumble, ideologies deconstructed.

Grace and proclamation, not fear’s icy grip,
But the magnetic pull of beauty, truth, and goodness,
A conversion, a shift to a new paradigm,
Where hearts and minds find solace in reconstruction.

The Divine Messenger, an enigma of awe and solace,
Not a bearer of threats, but a revealer of truth,
Goodness, a currency of its own, a beacon,
Straying from truth, a path to its own reckoning.

Jesus, unity personified, a bridge,
Spanning chasms between human and divine,
Matter entwined with spirit, fractures healed,
Separations dissolved, sorrows mended.

Within, an echoing yearning for union,
Innate, primal, a longing for unity’s embrace,
Not crafted for isolation but for intertwining existence,
Our earthly journey affirmed, its significance unveiled.