In the Kingdom of God,
shelter finds no refuge in the status quo,
it shatters beneath the bold footsteps
of Mary and Joseph, unchained
from societal molds and theological bounds.

Their truth echoes radical:
faith, not in pristine obedience,
but in the fire of personal communion,
where experience births authenticity,
where divine whispers drown out
the cacophony of external validation.

They dared to embrace the unknown,
defy norms, and dance within mystery’s grasp,
guided by a love that transcends
the confined logic of humanity.

Their legacy whispers softly to us,
urging the reclamation of our compass,
to shed conformity’s heavy cloak,
and follow our soul’s whispers
into uncharted landscapes.

History makers in quiet revolutions,
they teach the art of living true,
listening to the divine murmurs within,
even when they challenge the established.

Their ‘yes’ to the unknown,
a beacon in a world of ‘shoulds,’
invites us to embrace our experiences’ sacredness,
to weave a reality where authenticity reigns,
where falling gracefully into our truth
becomes the norm, not the exception.