In the silent depths of contemplation,
Resides a truth, profound and intimate,
An undeniable thread, binding us to life’s embrace,
A resounding affirmation within every soul.

It defies names, doctrines, or bounds,
An essence pure, the very core of being,
This Presence, a mystery by many names—
True Self, Holy Spirit, Uncreated Grace.

Closer than breath, it lingers innate,
Timeless, yet dormant, awaiting awakening,
A presence seeking recognition, reverence,
Yearning for utilization to thrive.

Flawed we are, yet saints and seers envision
A completeness not earned but bestowed,
An untouched essence at our core,
A beacon in the darkest hour.

This True Self, the embodiment of compassion,
From this depth, empathy springs forth,
Forgiveness flows as a natural current,
Love, the guiding force of our existence.

Action transcends the mundane,
It’s the engagement with world’s cries,
A dance between contemplation and action,
Harmonizing, transforming, giving life.

In this eternal rhythm of existence,
The steps may change, yet the presence endures,
Guiding us through the undulating journey,
Toward compassion, toward love—our eternal pursuit.