In the ballet of existence,
our inner landscapes sway and pirouette,
weaving threads of perception
through the fabric of reality.

The world whispers secrets
of joy and sorrow, wrapped in veils,
yet it’s within, not without,
where hues of experience find their hue.

The hot air balloon floats,
a mere catalyst to awaken
the dormant hues of happiness,
imbued within our soul’s palette.

Our teacher, Rabbi of wisdom,
urges mirror-gazing,
inviting us to wipe the lens of self-awareness,
to see beyond mere reflection.

We, reflections and reflectors,
shape and are shaped by this cosmic dance,
where subject meets subject,
melding into a fluid communion.

Our projections, like unseen scripts,
scribble barriers between hearts,
misunderstandings the curtain-call,
shadows eclipsing genuine connections.

Awareness, the guiding star,
illuminates the reservoir within,
beckoning us to assess its waters—
stagnant or shimmering with positivity.

In understanding how our sight sculpts reality,
we unearth a profound truth,
beckoning us to tend our inner gardens,
cleanse our lenses, and navigate anew.