In the grand ballroom of life,
Action and contemplation swirl,
A symphony of growth, wisdom’s melody,
Not mere steps of activity or reflection,
But a dance in unison,
Fusing into life’s singular purpose.

This integration, a pilgrimage, not swift,
Paved with stumbles, practice, prayers,
Swaying between poles, embracing both,
Moments of fervent action,
Others diving into depths of thought.

Genuine contemplation, distinct,
Not mere introspection’s surface,
It’s shedding falsities, incompleteness,
Transcending the self’s dominance,
A transformation beyond ego’s allure.

Beware the trap, the mirage,
The glorified “spiritual self,”
Veiling narcissism’s treacherous path,
Guiding astray from true essence.

The other side speaks loudly,
Activism devoid of inner gaze,
Breeds violence within, without,
Superficial veils, messiah’s masks,
Devoid of love, the core eludes.

Inner communion, outer service,
Religion’s truest guidance,
Not in claims of rightness,
But in the embrace of love’s pure light.