In the grand panorama of life,
Contemplation serves as the lens,
Unveiling the silent injustices,
That poison hearts and nations alike.

Obsessions over trivialities,
We beat our chests, blind to profound wrongs,
Moral theology once framed
Evil in three tiers, yet fixated
On the lesser, the “flesh,”
Ignoring the world’s broader impact.

Blame, heavy on individual shoulders,
Society’s woes laid bare,
Past catastrophes echoing
In Christian lands.

The weight of the world’s sin,
A burden too vast,
Breeds paralysis and shame,
Yet contemplation’s gentle touch
Breaks this cycle.

Revealing our part in the tapestry,
Emphasizing our role, however small,
A call to act in good faith,
Insignificant actions in a grand design.

Jesus, Paul, speaking of collective sin,
A communal accountability,
Now fading, leaving us
Moral shadows.

Embrace the collective,
Solidarity births accountability,
Shifting focus from self-blame,
To forge a path of common good.