In the relentless quest for genuine change,
We must delve, eyes fixed, into the heart of our woes.
Within the fabric of society and within ourselves,
Lurk the obscured sources of wrongdoing,
Veiled, cunning, masquerading as righteousness.

This expedition to uproot demands fortitude,
Rejecting fleeting, surface-bound solutions,
Instead, laboring with understanding profound,
A spiritual depth transcending desires for facile remedies.

Witness history’s resounding echo, repeating cycles,
Offering illusions of remedies that cloak the core illness,
Walls erected, actions condemned,
Mere patches on unhealed wounds,
Requiring humility’s embrace and patience’s grace,
Until clarity emerges from the depths.

Countless purported cures bear fruits of maladies,
Ideologies, policies—lacking love’s embrace,
Fostering the very turmoil they sought to expel,
Endorsing systemic ills while condemning their echoes in individuals.

This ignorance of roots saps our moral vigor,
Once cloaked in the guise of divine endorsement,
Now unveiled, our yearning for genuine, contemplative action emerges,
Standing poised, ready to untangle injustice’s web,
To carve a path towards an authentic transformation.