In the hush of Jesus’ justice, a departure echoes,
Not in the clash of swords, but in quietude’s embrace.
A path unmarked by direct confrontation’s storm,
A rebellion in silence, a non-participation ballet.

Sepphoris, a distant drumbeat, echoes unheard,
Influential centers left untraveled, a conscious evasion.
Communal purses weave a tapestry of defiance,
Rejecting the economic sin, the disengagement hymn.

Healer of wounds, a balm for societal scars,
Dignity and equality, a chorus for women’s hearts.
In the quiet of remaining unmarried, a critique unveiled,
Traditions shattered, a patriarchal challenge echoed.

Eunuchs find refuge in his inclusive respect,
A reflection of nonbinary souls, a spectrum embraced.
In the climax, surrender to punitive tempests,
Empire and religion converge, a fate met willingly.

Death’s curtain rises, revealing a purpose profound,
A coherent tale of refusal to endorse oppressive thrones.
A lesson whispers, a call to ‘start local’ resonates,
In hometown’s alleys, justice finds its roots.

Quiet deeds, a melody in the solitude’s dance,
Contemplation’s interlude, a prelude to change.
Learn from Jesus, a program of quiet refusal,
Against dominion’s chains, a stand righteous, not self-righteous.

Navigate inequities, a journey from the grassroots,
A symphony of actions, echoing justice’s call.
In the steps of Jesus, a dance of compassion,
A profound impact, a life lived steadfastly.