Sacred Activism

Sacred activism is a call for each of us to dedicate our full selves — mind, body, and heart — to the liberation of every creature on this planet. Not only do you have permission to bring your passions, skills, and desires to this path, but you are asked to as you discern your unique calling as a sacred activist.

Levels of Consciousness and the Enneagram

 By Deborah Ooten and Beth O’Hara – August 2010 First published in The Enneagram Journal, Vol. 2, 2010, a peer-reviewed publication of the International Enneagram Association. “What Gurdjieff calls ‘Objective science’ uses the musical analogy to depict a universe composed of a chain of energies that stretches from the lowest octave to the highest: each energy is transformed as it rises and falls, taking on a coarser or finer nature according to its place in the scale. At each specific level, an energy corresponds to a degree of intelligence, and it is consciousness itself, fluctuating within a wide range of vibrations, that determines human Read More …